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Re: Software vs Hardware loopers

mark francombe schrieb:
> It was a joke Rick,
I remember when just recently, I fell for another one of your jokes ;)
> Ever since 1982 when I started looping with 2 tape decks, excluding a 
> small glitch of 8 years while I performed with a hot pop combo, I have 
> looped...
> Now I am delving tentatively into the world of laptop, specifically 
> for the festival, I am putting together a stompbox pedalboard 
> comprising things that can emulate my rack setup, including 3 
> pitchshifters 2 ring modulators , right now trying to get them to 
> sequence using a harware sequncer... this will be hopefully synch to 
> the laptop where I shall run Mobius within Live, there will be some 
> minimal rythym programmed in Live, and I am working on some patches 
> that take random bits of the mobius loop and RE-loop them but from 
> behind a collection of ADSRs and filters to add to the pre-prgrammed 
> rythym., this will hopfully emulate somewhat how I use my modular synth.
Now I have been known for some rather complex setups in the past, but 
what you describe here sounds crazy, even by my standards... could you 
please add a more detailed description, including:
    1. how does your rack setup work?
    2. what is your pedalboard like, and which h/w sequencer are you 
using (and why not use Live instead of the h/w sequencer)?
    3. I understand that you're using Live's pattern sequencer to do the 
programmed rhythms. What is your sound source (plugin perhaps)?
    4. patches that take random bits...is that some self-made kinda 
"processor looper" (built using what)? Could you describe that in more 



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