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Re: guide to programming the fcb1010 for echoplex?Luis sez:

Luis Sez:

wow,wow,wow stay away from the liquid foot guys,it looks awesome but  
is very expensive,awkward and painful to program and horrible  
support,believe me i went through it and could not get the virtual  
commands of the EDP to work,very flaky MIDI as well and is more geared  
to simple use with the AXE FX

OK maybe a bad example:-) but bear in mind that the EDP is more midi  
note eccentric in some ways, were as the LP-1 can do everything it  
needs to do with PC and CC messages. A liquid foot work probably work  
fine for anything that works on PC and CC commands like most software  
loopers,DSP's, the LP-1, original jam-man, etc. When I first got my  
Gordius, I   did the same thing i did with the behringer, try to  
figure out how to program it without consulting the manual, when I did  
consult the manual, in both cases it at first was more confusing,  
until I finally figured it out but it took hours of frustration in  
both cases.  With the Behringer there was a bunch of preloaded midi  
command info, and I was trying program it to a Repeater's extensive  
and some what arbitrary  midi and CC command list. With the Gordius, I  
was just being a little dumb and stubborn and not realizing that my  
new machine was a blank slate as far as midi commands go. So I waisted  
an evening before Xavier took pity on me and sent me a few banks of  
midi commands to download. Once I got familiar  with the editor  
librarian I  realized the smartest and easiest thing would be to use  
it! I think I unconsciously dive in to new technology with a "how hard  
can it be" attitude and one can get quite a distance down a rabbit  
hole with that mindset.