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Re: Abelton Live question

thx Rainer,...

Could you be more specific with regard to how exactly you work here?
More specifically: are you dragging different soft synths onto different Ableton MIDI tracks,
Yes this and it used to work fine... I had a piano on one track with a delay after it and a gate after that, then on a completely NEW track I had a synth with an Arp midi effect..
I USED to be able to just select the yellow HEADER of the channel, and play the keyboard and THAT instrument + effects would play.
 And as Antony said, look out for your MIDI input channel settings on your tracks. By default, they accept MIDI input from any MIDI input (selected in your preference to receive instrument MIDI data) and on any channel.
Thats is how it is... isnt it best just to leave that?
 Then you need to check that the track the synth is on is selected for recording or for monitoring - I guess you already know that, just to be sure...
Actually not really... no checking if I see what you mean here... I dont RECORD at all yet in Abelton, so I have no understanding of it in that mode.
 If you'd explain in a more detailed way how you work this, I could try and do some howto, adding some screenshots (but not today I guess)...
Im afraid Im being about as detailed as I know how...
get a decent seven-octave keyboard! ;)
ahh .. yes... probably wise...
Then from Per
Why not using two instrument tracks instead of one?
Thats what Im trying to do
Then open the two different software synths on those tracks and "chose your sound" by
toggling the track's Monitor switch to "In". When set to "Monitor =
In" an Instrument Track will let you play its hosted synth.
Both the channels are set to IN... I used to be able to simple chose the channel and then THAT synth would play
 Your problem seems to be that when you open one synth on an instrument
track this new synth replaces the other one.



Look guys..  heres the set up... can you see anything weird here?


Mark F