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Re: Dancing in the Little Giant on FCB graveyard :-)

Per Boysen wrote:

> I never changed my Behringer FCB1010 bank layout i ten years. Now I
> will need to make some adjustments because the Gordious pedalboard
> doesn't seem to allow the same layout of "Bank A of MIDI Note number 1
> to 10, Bank B of MIDI Note number 11 to 20, Bank C of MIDI Note 21 to
> 30 etc etc. I use 70 foot commands and they have almost never changed.

It does allow the same setup.

Except that normally buttons 9 & 10 are on
top of the machine, next to the display.

I got Xavier to re-arrange the buttons
(not a complex job)
and re-positioned the leds myself
(requires drilling)