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Re: OT: (pseudo) American expressions (Was: Abelton Live question)

  per wrote:

Here "overseas" we use to have fun with this even stronger superlative
"AWE-F*NG-SOME"  ;-)
The fun part is to come up with constructions that follow the generic
rules but translate TO-F*NG-TALLY rubbish.

Per ;-)

LOL,  it just suddenly occurred to me,

do we really have to use an asterisk in the word f*ck?
Are there people on this forum who would be offended
if we added the little 'u'?

I'm actually serious here.   Would anyone find that offensive?
If so, I apologize because I've used that word a few times in
emails to everyone.   If not,   then,   well,     f*ck it!!!!