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Re: OT: (pseudo) American expressions (Was: Abelton Live question)

On Thu, Sep 9, 2010 at 12:51 AM, Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:
I'm actually serious here.   Would anyone find that offensive?
If so, I apologize because I've used that word a few times in
emails to everyone.   If not,   then,   well,     f*ck it!!!!

Im also very interested to!
I must say that I just type it right out without thinking, and say it out loud in all sorts of inappropriate places. But certainly here in Norway it NOT considered rude, its a foreign word after all! Now if I was to shout FITTE FAEN I HELVETE HESTE KUK!!! at the top of my voice in church, I might get some looks...

Heres a funny clip:


Funny thing: There was a film here here in Scandinavia a few years back called (avert your eyes, ye of weak disposition, I shall use the letter u) "FUCKING AMÅL" It is refering to a place in Sweden I believe (Sant Per?) Anyway, my friend was visiting from England, and a bus went past with an advertisment for the film. My friend stopped in his tracks and exclaimed "Yo cant write THAT on a bus!" He was seriously shocked!

Another point. I actually think that there is a difference between spelling the word fuck or f*ck.
The first spelling is casual use, not meant to draw attention to it, not meant as an expletive, not meant to offend, the assumption is that the reader is an adult, and will pay no attention. The second spelling, equally viable, denotes its use as a swear-word , and draws attention to the fact that the writer wished to convey a strong emotion, as if they actually shouted it out loud.

And finally I must say that I hate the over use of this word: I was once shot down in flames by my grand-father who once told me off for using the word (He was an intellectual latin and greek teacher). He said, can you not express your anger as a series of cleverly constructed arguments and statements without resorting to cheating by falsely strengthening the veracity of your augment with a strong word, to resort to that tactic, is to already have lost your argument.

I said But "Granddad, why don't you like that word, it just rhymmes with duck, its nothing to be frightened of" And hes said.. "But Mark, I LOVE that word... I love that the english language has words that mean things and have different strengths. (Then he said it out loud, the only time I ever heard him say it) "... Mark... FUCK is a magic word, dont you want to keep it taht way, or do you want it to be water4ed down to be as strong as the word, Milk, or Potato, or Duck"

My grand-father was a wise man


mark francombe
twitter @markfrancombe