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Re: Questions regarding Gordius LG2 MIDI pedalboard

On Thu, Sep 9, 2010 at 10:41 AM, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> 
> I bet you have to set the "Number of expression pedals" to 2
> as well as activate the switches in the Global menu.
> ...and then I *expect* that it's inputs 3&4 that become the switch
> inputs.

Yes, of course I have globally set my LG2 to "two expression pedals
and two external switches". I just didn't mention that in the post
since I held it for understood. Maybe my issue has to do with the
switch pedal I use?

I'd like to state that I'm finding the LG2 quite simple to program,
but very time consuming because of the dialing wheel, the many levels
and the fact that you can't go down from level 1 to reach level 122
faster; you have to go all the way from 1 to 122. I would compare
programming the LG2 to programming a TC Electronics FireworX or an
Eventide Eclipse; regarding the time it takes and the feeling it
evokes that makes you want to smash things around you (programming by
the panel buttons is not a healthy thing to do).

As Andy said, you have to know about the three levels: Patches,
Presets, Banks. This is a genius design IMHO because when you finally
have all the patches in the box you combine them differently in many
alternative banks. And there is a Mac OS editor in the making to be
released when ready.

Regarding "setting it up just once" that has to stand for me, because
I don't use any MIDI controlled gear that isn't totally configurable.
So my LG2 banks just go Bank 1 holds note numbers 1 - 10, Bank 2 holds
note numbers 11 - 20 etc etc. And then I set up the receiving end to
perform whatever action I want on a given pedal kick.

But I may leave this concept in the future because I can see the power
of the LG2 when it comes to setting up experimental banks that has
patches spit out multiple MIDI messages and also redefining the
expression pedal setup on a patch/preset basis.