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Rackless (and not going the computer route)

I'm contemplating whether I can move to a rackless configuration (and not 
by replacing the rack with a computer that needs to be setup somewhere).

This has me looking at the RC50. That's a whole separate thread.

But one of the things I pretty clearly need is a small mixer that would 
fit on my pedalboard. It doesn't need to be sophisticated. It just needs 
to support mixing a couple of stereo inputs to a stereo output. Does 
anyone have any suggestions?


P.S. The rig I'm contemplating is:

Guitar --> Lots of pedals --> M13 (effects 1 & 2) --> Looper
Looper Dry Out (or Main Out) --> Mixer
Looper Wet Out (or Sub Out) --> Volume Pedal --> M13 (effects 3 & 4) --> 

The loss at the end of this is not being able to run it all through my TC 
reverb and take the SPDIF out for digital recording, so maybe a rack does 
make "sense". But the rack is more to setup and manage. But with that in 
mind, any good line mixer suggestions since my Mackie 1202 isn't going to 
work very well in a 4 space rack bag.