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Re: Carrying instruments on airplanes - this is cool and very relevant!

I had a 1920 Larson Brothers Maurer and beautiful highly figured brazilian rosewood Martin D35 kaboshed in Puerto Rica (75).  Had an ugly valuable vintage guitar lost in Oakland Airport for an hour, finally showed up in the middle of nowhere, safe in Anvil case.  In Oakland! 

Oooooohhhhh that makes me sad,  Maurers are so rare  and beautiful. was that  straight grain brazilian? 
Theory on the Oakland incident, The anvil case probably saved that instrument from being stolen as the fact it was found in the middle of knowhere suggest some one gave up trying to hall it away.

 I think the very fact that fender guitars have  bolt on maple necks and are extremely hard to break was one reason I have always gravitated toward them. They aren't these precious delicate things Sure you can bend and break knobs and tuners and crack plastic, but I don't think I've ever even seen a strat or tele with a broken headstock. You would really have to work hard to destroy one of those...to wit check out how hard this guy works to break a strat in two, and he's the world's foremost authority. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2rolE9DlbA