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Re: Rackless (and not going the computer route)

Mark Hamburg wrote:

> I  need a small mixer that would fit on my pedalboard. 
>It doesn't need to be sophisticated. 
>It just needs to support mixing a couple of stereo inputs to a stereo 
>Does anyone have any suggestions?

Would you consider a solution that involved a soldering iron?
(a y cable with 4 components going to a purchased DI box, or
fx unit, or anything with a stereo in and suitable o/p for
what you want.)

Problem with v.small mixers is that they're all made
with cost cutting in mind in a competitive market.
I've not heard of a non-rack line mixer.

> P.S. The rig I'm contemplating is:
> Guitar --> Lots of pedals --> M13 (effects 1 & 2) --> Looper
> Looper Dry Out (or Main Out) --> Mixer

I'd advise against running the dry signal through the RC-50
if you can think of a way to avoid that.

> Looper Wet Out (or Sub Out) --> Volume Pedal --> M13 (effects 3 & 4) --> 
does the M13 have a master volume on the o/p ?