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Re: EDP Stereo Looping Setup Dilemma

Hey Andy, Is the #Source saved in a preset?
(Maybe he can switch between them... dont think it is tho...)


I wasnt giving up too much time, I just cut n paste from previous posts...

you could do what I do, and have  a mix of footpedals, I use midi from the FCB and have buttons tha trigger record on both EDPs, via note on, and then I have the dedicated footpedal also plugged in to do separate stuff... not a lot of floor space on stage, for things like... other musicians.. so I dont use them...!


On Tue, Oct 5, 2010 at 9:44 AM, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
^|>^m wrote:

Please tell me I am stupid and wrong.


hey, Adam, Mark's giving up his time to help you there.

Even if it doesn't solve your immediate problem it's
good info to have for a 2 edp guy.

We couldn't guess that you wanted to use the fcb to
control the 2 edps as a stereo pair from your earlier posts.
(that must mean what you meant by "at the same time", no?)

You're spot on about the fcb1010, the only things it can do
is 1) control 2 EDPs independently on one midi Channel with note On
2) control 2 EDPs together (stereo) on one midi channel with note On

So the best you can do for your scenario is to either
1) reach over to an edp and flip the channel when you want to use
  the other control method.
2) You could use the computer to change the EDP channel using sysex.
  (it causes a very slight temporary dropout in the edp sound output)


mark francombe
twitter @markfrancombe