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Re: Help needed with RC 50 connections set-up

andrea trabucco wrote:
> I've tried sm57?s but to me soundend too dark and not natural sounding 
> so to speak. I prefer ocndenser but htey have the problem of feedback, 
> or maybe I didn't equalized the sm57 properly...

the SM57 will sound unnatural compared to a condenser,
but possibly if the one you tried was "too dark" then
it simply wasn't a good SM57.
While the SM57 (and 58) have a great reputation 
for robustness what happens is that they get mistreated,
and sound degrades very noticeably. They're also
a very variable mic to start with.

The idea that condensers are feedback prone is 
handed down from generation to generation of
sound guys... but has no basis in fact whatsoever.

You mentioned "panoramic" pick up of the percussion,
that sounds problematic in terms of feedback.
Probably what you need to do is to set up one mic
at a fixed position and bring each percussion instrument up
to it in turn.
(check out some of Rick Walker's YouTube vids to supplement
his excellent advice)

Personally I wouldn't go with Rick's suggestion of 
open headphones, I'd be frightened of hearing damage.
(...but then my answer to feedback problem would be to
  turn the whole thing down)

andy butler
(occasional percussion looper, occasional sound guy)