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Re: EDP Stereo Looping Setup Dilemma

^|>^m wrote:
> This is actually a viable short term option.  If I happen to go without 
> the mac I can just switch to another EDP preset and run the EDP's on the 
> same channel with the FCB1010 plugged into the EDP's.

I've got a feeling that the Midi params aren't saved in the preset :-(
you could always test it quickly enough.

I ended up using sysex to swap the midi ch.
(not really recommended)

I was thinking though..
..as you don't actually seem to need to do it *during* a piece
of music then it's hardly a big effort to change the edp midi
param manually.


> I am ultimately looking into getting this piece of hardware to do the 
> mapping: 
> http://www.midisolutions.com/prodevp.htm
> This thing looks pretty powerful.  I think it could really expand the 
> functionality of the FCB1010.
> Thank you for the feedback Sylvain :)
> Adam