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Re: Echoplex and iFCB: midi nightmare

5. EDP   ControlSource = Not
6. that fcb sysex manouver will only work if the source
  file is generated by an fcb with the same ROM

Might be worth doing an EDP factory reset
(hold down Param button while powering up)
if you're not sure about the edp parameters.
...but that will erase your presets

...but I suspect Mark's #2 suggestion is spot on


mark francombe wrote:

4 things I can think of..

1. midi channel. edp (easy peasy)
2. midi channel FCB (remember each function can have its own midi channel, so notes needs to be 5 is edp is 5.. best to just zip thru the edp channels till u hit the right one) 3. edp Source# number. If its way off how you set up your notes, then you may get either no commands, or weird commands...
4. Most Likely.. its the cable..!

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