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Re: Re: Bill Frisell a master at work.. some great use of looping

On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, Mark Hamburg wrote:
I find myself drawn back to Frisell's work on a routine basis. But I also routinely find myself bored before the end of the album — some more than others. Same reaction to seeing him live. I'm not sure what's up with that.

Weird, but I have the same reaction,  Mark (and I think that
Bill Frissel is a truly great artist)......  and, to tell you the truth,  I have that reaction to most jazz
concerts in general......especially the ones with a heavy 'shred' mentality about them.

Sometimes I wonder if I have some hidden 'note count' in my brain that makes
me just shut off after I've heard a certain amount.

I went to the John McLaughlin, Chick Corea, Christian McBride, Vinny Coliauta concert
at our local Civic Auditorium and walked out after four songs.

I think people who loved that concert must find me nuts,  but I just was full up completely
after four songs (of nearly identical soloing by McLaughlin,  an artist I once used to
love dearly).

I have to say the standout exception to this was this years  Brian Blade concert
at Kuumbwa.    That one, honestly goes down as the greatest jazz concert I've ever
seen in my life.   It was so powerful and emotional.    I wept a couple of times during the
show, the people next to me and in back of me were weeping at one point as was
one of the saxaphonists on stage...........it was sooooooo beautiful.

rick walker