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Troubles recording vocals through bass octave effect

Anyone have good luck getting a recording of vocals processed to sound like bass?  Not only do I not get a great sound, I get a horrendous ringing/distortion: http://mikefugazzi.com/files/Rattle_Demo.mp3


I do a solo show where I play harmonica, beatbox, and sing basslines into an octave effect. http://youtu.be/mxh_m9E2s1c


I am using a mic into a POD HD500 for everything.  I have a patch for harp, one for beatboxing, and one for the bass lines. I have an impossible time getting a good sound when recording direct to a Mackie Blackjack.


See here for more info:  http://www.gearslutz.com/board/newbie-audio-engineering-production-question-zone-trial-beta-forum/649234-problems-recording-bass-onyx-blackjack.html (I've since ditched the M13 and Tech 21 for just the POD HD)


I've tried a Line6 M13, POD HD500, Boss OC2, Danelectro Chili Dog, and a EHX Micro POG with no luck...everyone has resulted in a serviceable live sound but a super annoying highend distortion/ringing/rattle when recording direct.  Live I am doing alright...this doesn't happen through my mains or monitors.


The distortion is wrecking any chance of me getting a listenable demo for any sort of use.  I have scoured the internet and troubleshooting for months with NO luck of any sorts.  I get not ringing, etc, when gigging, monitoring in my modest home studio, or using the headphone jack of the POD.  It only happens on playback.


Any help???????


My other patches sound great and record just fine....



Mike Fugazzi
Quicksilver Custom Harmonicas