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Re: Troubles recording vocals through bass octave effect

Mike Fugazzi wrote:
Anyone have good luck getting a recording of vocals processed to sound like bass? Not only do I not get a great sound, I get a horrendous ringing/distortion: http://mikefugazzi.com/files/Rattle_Demo.mp3

Only thing I can hear there that's commonly considered a
problem is the noise caused by blowing into the mic.

I expect that when you're playing through your amp that
high frequency sound is filtered/distorted out to give the beatbox sound
that you want.

If that's right (and I'm guessing a bit here) then the amp's
part of your sound, it's the amp that is changing your sound,
not the DI setup. To make a demo maybe you need a good quality condenser mic on the amp.
...but then it's all gonna be pretty grungy,
like the live footage.