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Re: Bill Frisell a master at work.. some great use of looping

thanks for posting these. i'll have to watch them later. in regards to the below-he has played strats since the album w/ dave holland and elvin jones (maybe even before that)...it's just that live during the 1st part of the 2000s he played a tele mostly. i think recording
he favors short scale teles (not sure if he ever traveled w/ them) that he's had made, i'll have to watch that NPR piece closely. in the last few yrs he's used some jagaur/jazzmaster things also....

for me w/ his looping: i often wonder if it's down to what tools work or are available to him (line 6 dl4). certainly i think he used to use the EH 16ddl, but i think his broke (but nels clines' still works!). and then he moved on to the digitech pds8000, which honestly i think is a brilliant tool in his hands...which the new "jamman" versions and even the digitech dl8 is not really even close to it....which is a shame i think....i guess i'm talking more of the varispeed stuff he did during the ghost town album, or the stuff he demos on the "guitar artistry of bill frisell" (it's on the 2/5 section of the youtube clips) (which i think is just F***ING BRILLIANT!!!).  i really wish someone would do an in depth interview w/ him and his looping , past and gear....but i think for him it's just a tool that he uses to create....which is probably the lesson there...oh well....

re:"  I'm not an expert regarding this musician's work. Do you guys think Frisell himself likes that guitar sound he was playing on? Or maybe he just cares more about the playing?"