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Re: Bill Frisell a master at work.. some great use of looping

well I gotta say I'm a guy who likes Bill Frissell, When I spent a semester at Jerklee Spoilage of Fuzak , i mean Berklee College of Music, i got to see him in a band called Tiger's Baku and he was then as he is now, a laid back impressionist painter of a guitar player, and this was in 1978-79. don't get me wrong he did cut loose at times but never to the point of excessive widdly widdly. The band was playing inventive Miles inspired jazz rock with Tiger Oshi playing great trumpet. I picked up a technique from BF that night that i still use to this day, he was real testing the neck of his SG by flexing the it to create beautiful vibrato effects on his chords and single note lines. Does he thrill me on an emotional level like Jeff Beck, or Hendrix or Terje Rypdal can? no, but I like his inventiveness, take those Beatles covers for example, I appreciate how much space he used in an age when fingerstyle virtuosos routinely butcher the Beatles with over indulgent hyper arrangements. I've seen him play now and then over the years, and what i like about him is he isn't in a hurry to crowd the music with extra ideas, he listens and interacts well in a group context and never ever have i seen him play from a place of chops ego. That is refreshing particularly in the field of jazz which is rife with technique worship :-). He'd probably tell you its because he has no chops but its more about intent and space with him. he seems really comfortable in his skin which i admire. He doesn't quite move toward the uber visceral territory like David Torn does, but this NPR thing is but a tip of his iceberg. So i would encourage you to check him out further , i've seen him when the music was transcendent and when it was a bit sleep inducing. He is really unpredictable and does take chances musically, but at the same time if you aren't in to jazz he may not move you. I've met him and he is a nice guy , shy and droll, introspective , like his music.