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Re: OT: final mixing and mastering of film score....hints?

mark francombe wrote:

The next process (that I am terrible at... always use to use an engineer for) is mixing.. I really want to make all the music sit well together, I expect that the Film Director will drop the music VERY low in the mix ofr my tastes, and often what tends to happen with my mixes, is that one hears ONE instrument stick out above the films mix.

Check the mix at very low volume, ..even walk out of the room.
That's a pretty standard trick.

...and why not just try mixing it low under the dialog

Reverb?? I usually like to use as few different reverbs as possible, just one short one, for increasing the size of instruments, and one Hall reverb to emulate that all the instruments are in the same room. Is this the right approach?

I never mixed for vid, but I assume there's a "rule" to make
sure the reverb on the music isn't shorter than that on the dialog,
or overly inappropriate to the location of the scene.

Any other tips of tricks.. ( feel like theres a professionals trick Im missing here) Like someone with say " Well Mark, you HAVE cut the whole mix at 1k havent you? and boosted the Sub?

watch out for sub frequencies below the range of your monitors

The final job is to score music ontop of a song that an actress sang live on set... yikes.. no click track

and no reference pitch?

yike...good luck with that