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Re: OT: final mixing and mastering of film score....hints?

Thanks again Per, you really are earning your nick name...

Have to say though... I wish..

In this, the actress is not a good singer, interesting maybe, Ive
worked with her on NinJam, but here she sings and plays a pink bass...
its very slow and goth for a bit, like a swans track, then she
suddenly goes totally wild, im not sure what she is trying to do
really, and im not sure she does either... its gonna be...
interesting. gonna play with the grid for a bit, but you know... I
might go gridless!!! Remember playing In time??? No quantise in


On 13 Feb 2012, at 16:29, Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:

> I never got to comment on the last task, the about making music to an
> acapella voice recording.