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Re: OT: final mixing and mastering Stereo Width

Ricky Graham wrote:
Per, isn't this technique based on the mid-side (MS) recording method?

It's based on a standard circuit called a "shuffler",
a simple matrix to convert fron Left<>Right stereo to
Mid<>Side and back again.


M = L+R
S = L-R

giving you a mono signal plus "sides"
(equivalent to a MS recording)

then to convert back

L = M+S
R = M-S

This way it's simple to see that if you vary the amplitude
of S you can mess with the stereo width from 0 to regular
to "enhanced". Also you get a chance to process the S in other ways if you like.

The reason Per's process seems more complicated is that a) It's meant to work within the limited routing capabilities
   of a DAW.
b) er...I dunnow really...Per's version seems to be more a way of making you listen harder. I wonder if the flipping of left
 and right corresponds to the change from player to listener.

...but essentially it's the same trick, and it *does* keep
mono compatibility.

To make a regular shuffler in a DAW by a similar process
to Per's (and this is something I've learned from the discussion here)

Create 3 versions of the mix (2 channel)

A  unchanged
B  reverse channels L<>R and invert both
C  mono on both channels

Next mix A and B equally, to give you the "sides" channel.
(that's different to Per's approach)

Now starting from C and mixing in the "sides" channel you get a shuffler,
exactly the same as varying the amplitude of S.
Again you have the chance to to do stuff with that A+B mix, for instance
if you were mixing for vinyl you'd maybe cut the bass on it.