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Re: Finally had a my first bad performance!

Bad and good are all very subjective. You may have made mistakes, or
omitions which you heard and recognized as mistakes, but others may
not even have noticed. Most people don't listen as closely as we do,
or as we would like them to listen.
We all perform badly, in our own eyes, at times. You need to be
careful when you get cockie.
I love! seeing my own favorite performers goof up. It reminds me that
they're human. I was at a u2 concert once and Bono started singing a
song in the wrong key. I own a cd where Paul McCartney forgets the
lyr3cs to a Beatles song.
Welcome to an illustrious group!!!

On 2/15/12, k3zz21@gmail.com <k3zz21@gmail.com> wrote:
> I just performed at my church for the second time. This has been i think 
> my
> 4th performance. I must say it was pretty bad in my opinion. Creativity 
> was
> just dead. Im quite greatful of it though. I feel like i did a good job 
> of
> not panicing and that alone boosts my confidence.