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Re: Finally had a my first bad performance!

I was once told that belly flops only sting the first 1000 times.  999 to go?


Seriously though--  many seasoned performers on this list will tell you--  The way the audience receives your performance has little to do with the way it feels to deliver it.  Unless of course, you reveal the struggling ego to the audience by throwing a fit or behaving badly while on stage.  Just keep smiling and remember, its not you that you serve during a performance-- it the Muse and her Audience.   

Carpenters build houses on days when they have the sniffles. Their craft is not reduced because they did not feel so good on the day they drove the nails.  Why should performance artists be any different.  its a craft--  trust in it.

On Feb 16, 2012, at 6:51 AM, David Gans wrote:

Good attitude.  There is something to gain from every performance, even if it's only "what not to do."

On Feb 15, 2012, at 8:53 PM, k3zz21@gmail.com wrote:

I just performed at my church for the second time. This has been i think my 4th performance. I must say it was pretty bad in my opinion. Creativity was just dead. Im quite greatful of it though. I feel like i did a good job of not panicing and that alone boosts my confidence.

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