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Re: To those who make a living off of music

On Feb 16, 2012, at 1:01 AM, Gmail wrote:

> Thanks man. I ask if you survived because the question popped up when my 
> english teacher said he first went to college for music but said that it 
> stripped all the fun out of it for him so he changed his major.
> Kaylon

that happens... I guess some people don't like looking under the hood... 
or it gets too hard for them at that point... it can be a lot to wrap your 
head around if you get it all at once. Or maybe some people don't like 
that music can be a science AND an art form at the same time. I love all 
of it... the more theory the better if you ask me.

I was lucky enough to have a teacher who taught me all kinds of theory and 
advanced ear training at a very young age, so it wasn't hard in college, 
just more fascinating.