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Re: Opinions on music theory

Wow, I tried really hard not to read this thread since I'm so busy lately, 
but you guys "pulled me back in!" like that Godfather movie.

My bachelor's degree is in music theory, and I studied it for a year as a 
graduate student.  What I discovered for me was that it was all about 
understanding the building materials so I could create my own music.  

But in terms of listening to music, when I hear something and recognize 
what "going on" theory-wise, it just makes me want to sit down and play 
it, or sing it and incorporate it into my own musical vocabulary.  So, I 
don't think it hurts my listening to be aware of the theory of things.  

I do think, sometimes, when you are in the process of learning theory, it 
can be a big hassle and can effect your ability to listen to music for 
enjoyment, but as you get some distance from the academic environment the 
learning goes deeper and becomes more internal and instinctual.  

I have always been a "center-brained" person, neither fully right-brained 
or left-brained, so I enjoy the technical as well as the creative side of 
music.  When I loop vocally, I don't score everything out, although I 
could if i wanted, but I'm more interested in the experience of 
performing.  Sometimes the theory knowledge helps me to fill in some gaps 
here and there, and make the harmonies richer.

Michael Carlson (3x09)