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Re: Opinions on music theory

excellent post


On Feb 18, 2012, at 1:16 PM, TripleOhNine wrote:

> Wow, I tried really hard not to read this thread since I'm so busy 
> lately, but you guys "pulled me back in!" like that Godfather movie.
> My bachelor's degree is in music theory, and I studied it for a year as 
> a graduate student.  What I discovered for me was that it was all about 
> understanding the building materials so I could create my own music.  
> But in terms of listening to music, when I hear something and recognize 
> what "going on" theory-wise, it just makes me want to sit down and play 
> it, or sing it and incorporate it into my own musical vocabulary.  So, I 
> don't think it hurts my listening to be aware of the theory of things.  
> I do think, sometimes, when you are in the process of learning theory, 
> it can be a big hassle and can effect your ability to listen to music 
> for enjoyment, but as you get some distance from the academic 
> environment the learning goes deeper and becomes more internal and 
> instinctual.  
> I have always been a "center-brained" person, neither fully 
> right-brained or left-brained, so I enjoy the technical as well as the 
> creative side of music.  When I loop vocally, I don't score everything 
> out, although I could if i wanted, but I'm more interested in the 
> experience of performing.  Sometimes the theory knowledge helps me to 
> fill in some gaps here and there, and make the harmonies richer.
> Michael Carlson (3x09)