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Re: Do We Perceive Beauty in an Unexpected Context

At 11:36 AM 2/20/2012, you wrote:
well, back in the good ole grad school days study painting, we talked about "Art" can't exist w/o a context. i'd put music in that also. the mega million $$ works of art need the system of museums/galleries/collectors/etc to create & sustain this.
of course there are those who exist outside this...but the idea, if you are walking in the woods and see a stretched canvas w/ paint on it, most likely you'll say: hmm, looks like thrown out trash!

I have a water colour up in my living room that is one of my favorite pieces of art work. Many people that come to visit also comment on it that it is a really nice painting, I found it at the dump....

In my own musical efforts I've often found that the tunes that were sort of "throw aways" tunes that just seemed too simplistic to be offered up as examples of my compositions or of my skill as a hammered dulcimer player have ended up as other peoples favorites. I suppose as Kris has often reminded us, art is a matter of perception to a great degree.

Paul Haslem
Ontario, Canada