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Re: Do We Perceive Beauty in an Unexpected Context

I guess you guys are really optimistic and I am a real downer. :) If I were on my way to work and heard someone of that caliber, I could justify at least a pause, a 15-30 second stop to listen. I don't give them that excuse of work, when even 30 seconds would mean something.

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I concur! I would naturally assume that on the way to work people are less likely to pay much attention. In addition the pennies given to him could have been for a variety of reasons, like [a] all the change they could spare, [b] a gesture more than just passing by. I would put forth that while going home people are more capable of appreciating a beautiful performance. Any folks with busking experience out there?

One thing that this story possibly suggests to me is that the average person has to be told what is good art or music, etc, and they don't have the ability to discern it themselves.

I don't think we can assume that's the case in this instance. If the
majority of those people were on their way to work, they didn't have
time to stop and listen. They may very have arrived at work and told
their co-workers that they had just heard the most insanely talented
violin player in the subway, and regretted they didn't have time to
listen more.