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loopers and best routing

I am new here and to looping.  I put my jam man stereo on my pedalboard and have some questions about the best way to route it.  I play 7 string acoustic electric through a Zoom G3 and I use a two channel  Highlander PAMDI preamp.  I also have a stomp box.  My goal is to be able to bypass the looper preamps completely when I am not looping live (which is most of the time right now), but to be able to loop any combination of voice, guitar and stompbox when I want to.  I have a two channel acoustic image amp that gives me some options for say one channel for loop and another for not looped.

I have managed to do it with some compromise with a Boss Line Switcher 2 and had some success with using the aux out on a  Behringer 602A mixing board and a Mackie VLZ pro.  I sometimes have extra voices so I am thinking of getting an Allen and Heath Zed 10fx so I can have effects on the loop vocal and the main vocal.  I’m hoping some of you have figured out how to solve this problem without  the bad loops (feedback). Thanks