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So when is LD going to a standard BBS?,

i know this has been discussed before, and someone did start their own livelooping forum a while back....
which the 1st time i saw it i thought it was "weird"
but now that i'm on the gear page (way too much), i see the difference. i see this more "linear"
and TGP can be all over the place....but i find myself using them both the same, if there are topics of interest, i read, respond, if not, i skip over....it entertains me i guess....
i will say that there is a lot of looping discussion on TGP-and 2 recent threads are "the looping thread" and the other is about "livelooping", there has been some interesting stuff talked about...but i will admit, a lot of posts seem to be " what kind of looper should i get". i often wonder if people do searches anymore?
oh well.