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Re: Music or bad habits ruining it for me.

Good advice from both Per and Sylvain there Kaylon.

Im speaking from the point of view of a parent with a (step) son in your position. He has some interests, but doesn't seem to be really motivated to do them. Hes supposed t be going to college, but we suspect thats gone down the drain. Of course I lecture him uselessly about.. "Back in the early 80s we had it tough..." lived on an onion a day, and still spent 12 hours at college, cos it was so cool. (admittedly I spent a lot of time painting naked colleagues, and I mean.. painting them, as in painting paint on..er... them. oh well you got it.. sorry.. started reminiscing...)

But list making, and deadlines is what its all about, even for those thiings that deadlines dont matter for,,, say, Im gonna finishe by Sunday... if you havent, them.. OK next Sunday then.. it doesnt really matter, as long as something makes you continue.
I ave waaay too many interests, and wish I could stick to one.. Music, Films, Games, now IM getting into programming reactive visuals in Quartz composer, and Projection mapping.. But for years now, Ive maintained a blog/website, I dont do it for anyone else, but me, and on the front page there is a list of the projects I am currently doing.. so I remind myself. Ive been doing that for years an if helps enormously...

Heres Marks rules for life, get up out of bed, go to school/work, do your homework, pay your rent/bills, and go to bed as early as you can, get fresh air everyday, eat properly, dont smoke dope more than once a week, clean under your foreskin everyday, if you have one, and write a blog/ journal/sketchbook (doesn't have to be digital- paper is in many ways better). Spend the rest of the time doing what you enjoy...

Easy really!

Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe