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Just ordered new instrument

My tax return gift-to-self this year is something I've been salivating
about for years. I'm waiting with baited breath for it to arrive.


I've been researching CD DJ units for several years now, often
frustrated because:
--Most are way more expensive than the should be ($1000 for a cd player)?
--Many lack what I think should be basic features for a CD turntable,
such 100% pitch/speed control.
--Most are way too large for a CD turntable - they are made to fit
into a standard turntable dj coffin.

This one looks smaller, and I got it for $200. I found a youtube video
where demonstrator actually showed off the useful features. (Most
demos of CD DJ units assume the users only want to mix house music
tracks together.)

I'm pretty excited about it. It brings me one step closer to desire to
try making instrumental hip-hop music. It will also be great for
improv sessions. If I'm playing with a sax player or vocalist, I can
manipulate recordings of them.

And yes, my breath smells like earthworms while I'm waiting.

Matt Davignon
Podcast! http://ribosomematt.podomatic.com