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Re: Just ordered new instrument

This looks really cool.
Where did you find it for 200 smackers?

I remember seeing Portisehead years ago where he
had gone in and tracked individual tracks (like solo harmonica),
pressed to vinyl and the scratched and pitch shifted it in to
live tracks in a really amazing way.

I remembered thinking
1) what a totally cool concept:   create your own 'scratcheables'
2)  WOW!! you have to have a lot of money to do this.

This looks like a great inexpensive solution to such stuff.

.....and it's serendipitous that you mention doing live hip hop, because
the young brother of a dear friend of mine who just died post
heroin rehab is a rapper who I went and saw for the first time.

He's really, really good, imho and he asked me if I'd consider making
some tracks for him to write songs and raps over.

I was really inspired seeing 5 different rappers at this open mic
and realizing how much I love the grooves of hip hop.

I might just be joining you in that endeavor coming up.
I can't wait to hear what you come up with.
I know it's gonna be good and unique.

Rick Walker