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Re: Dog peed on my keyboard -___-

ah, but we really don't know what the pee has touched until he opens it up and looks, right?  it may have only gotten in beneath the keys (since he mentioned they seem crunchy now).  

I think you pretty much have to open it up and look to see what's been damaged.  If you just have to clean up the area beneath the keys, maybe there isn't any circuitry there?

Michael (3x09)

On Feb 26, 2012, at 1:01 PM, joy_top top wrote:

Wither it is wet now are not is immaterial. It was applied wet to the circuit board and will corrode the traces until they lift off the board. I have had to replace an Ensoniq main board before because it wasn't cleaned off.    $1000 lesson, but do as you wish. Copper and ammonia just doesn't mix.