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LG Victory Dance, and A Question

Well after a long day of farking about, I've finally managed to replicate 
the entirety of my EDP's footswitch functionality within my recently 
acquired  Gordius LG, with long/short press behaviors and all... I'm giddy 
with victory now :)

But one thing more would be the icing on the cake : 

Does anyone know how to get the LEDs to behave such that the light is ON 
when recording or overdubbing, for instance, and OFF when no longer doing 
so? Current behavior is that the light goes on when I press a button of 
any kind, then goes off only when I press another button. In effect it 
tells me what the last button used was. I've mucked about with the LED 
settings, two-state stuff, stompbox stuff, and the Gordius LED control 
commands, to no avail...

Phil :)