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Re: Echoloop VST MIDI controller

Phil, try not taking the round-trip to first assign the Echoloop
plugin's parmeters to Live's system and then assigning Live's system
to your external physical control gear. Instead you could set up a
direct MIDI path into the Echoloop and feed it directly from your
external MIDI control gear. That's what the Echoloop is designed for.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

On Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 4:25 PM, Ted Killian <tedkillian@charter.net> 
> Phil,
> I wish I could help you.
> I've been using EchoLoop for over a year now and am perfectly 
> comfortable controlling every aspect of it via MIDI.
> But I don't use Abelton Live, so that kinda takes me out of the picture.
> I just use MaxMSP - which is extremely flexible is setting up ways to 
> control things.
> I hope someone pipes up soon to help you.
> Be patient,
> Ted
> On Feb 27, 2012, at 9:07 PM, Phil Clevenger wrote:
>> Hey loopers,
>> Anyone using the Echoloop VST maybe help me out  here?
>> Running Echoloop VST inside Ableton, sending MIDI via Gordius LG.
>> Having a knotty time of it, finally got some response from the VST but 
>> only when using Ableton's MIDI mapping mode. So no matter what command 
>> the LG is sending, if I've mapped it in Ableton, the control responds. 
>> Fine, BUT that limits me to the VST controls that are exposed in the UI.
>> Going back to the drawing board, I can find no way to get the VST to 
>> respond to direct MIDI.
>> There is likely a clue here in text from Matthias' manual, but I am not 
>> sure what it means really:
>> For the VST Parameters (accessed by the host...), its slightly 
>> different since the knobs (CC in MIDI) are in the same list. So far 
>> only the real buttons have a parameter. Power user want them all:
>> - 8 real buttons
>> - 34 virtual buttons
>> - 4 knobs
>> - 25 menu items
>> I have the VST MIDI channel (BtnChan) set to 2, and sending commands 
>> via channel 2 from LG. I've tried every possible setting off/on in the 
>> MIDI prefs. In any case, Ableton is 'seeing' the MIDI incoming, but VST 
>> does not respond (unless I succumb to Ableton MIDI mapping) :)
>> What am I missing here?
>> Many thanks in advance.
>> Phil :)