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Re: Secret Identities

When I was in my late teens/early 20s, I had a pop music project
called "The Electric Friends". (I wasn't aware of the "Are Friends
Electric" thing at the time - I just wanted a cheesy band name that
sounded like the SuperFriends.) It was supposed to be a 4 piece band,
even though all the music was by me. The biggest influence was
probably Beck, but nowhere near as good. Most of the music never saw
the light of day in its original form. A few of the tracks wound up on
my "Music at Half Speed" cd, but sounded radically different. (If you
search for The Electric Friends now, you'll get a different band.)

"Harvey Crystal and the Muhfuhs", who made an appearance on the
CT-Bluezette cd, was an offshoot of that. At the time, it was supposed
to be a separate project with a 2 cd arc. The story was that Harvey
was a washed out former blues musician who could only get signed if he
agreed to pair up with a band of washed out industrial/electronic
music producers. The first disc was supposed to be an industrial/blues
mix (this is about 1999), including a blues cover of NIN's "Wish".
Harvey would be this crass, drunk, 40 years behind his time junkie.
The second disc was going to be based on the first one being
successful. All the songs were going to be about how happy he is that
he sold out, but his misogyny still gets in the way of getting laid.
The second disc was still going to be industrial blues, but backed by
a full symphony orchestra and chorus - because that's what you'd do if
you had more money than God. I had ideas for about half the songs in
my head. It wound up being too big for me and my limited skills, and I
had no desire to do all the vocals myself. Here's the only Harvey
Crystal song that got recorded:

Back in high school, I called my experimental stuff "Plor Lauv Fish",
but I quickly figured out how lame that sounded. I couldn't think of a
good stage name until very recently, and meanwhile I've been in a
community of improvisers who mostly go by their human names. It
would've been a matter of going under my name sometimes and the stage
name other times.

Matt Davignon
Podcast! http://ribosomematt.podomatic.com