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Re: Re: Secret Identities

On 3/1/12 6:44 AM, Harry Weinberg wrote:
Seems to me that the "hiding your identity" thing is a marketing scheme. I play music in order to reveal my identity, to myself and others. I never understood why people use this ploy. It's not about music, it's about marketing.
I know a woman singer/songwriter who is a true introvert. She finds it painful to walk on stage and even more painful to have any hype about her. She is also a really excellent artist and
her desire to create overcomes here desire for anonymity.
It does hurt her ability to become more famous, surely, but, in her case, it's not a marketing
ploy,  it's the way she's built.

besides,  going annonymous always affords one the ability to wear a huge
Mouse head or to don a Fried Chicken Bucket as a disguise......lol.