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Re: Re: OT Laptop recommendation needed

On 3/1/12 11:20 AM, Art Simon wrote:
The stock MacBook Pro internal hard drives all seem to be 5400 rpm, so I'd upgrade to a 7200 rpm drive
In this day and age,  the fact that Apple puts out a product with the title
MacBook Pro with an antiquated 5400 rpm harddrive as stock hardware and then tries to extort customers to 'upgrade' to a de riguer 7200 rpm harddrive is plain insulting and usurous to their customers.

I bought a brand new offmarket 500 gig, 7200 rpm harddrive for my MacBook Pro for $50.

They do the exact same thing with their graphics cards as well.
They do a lot of things right but they make me so mad, sometimes.

I'm just sayin'.

rick walker