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LP1 in MIDI Sync Mode

For Looperlative gurus:

When synching LP-1 to external clock, I have been frustrated what I 
thought were synch issues.

But paying closer attention, I think it may be As Designed:

- - - - -

In MIDI Sync/Rec mode, the start point of the new loop is precisely when 
the Rec button is pressed. It is not quantized to the next sync pulse or 
next bar. But it does capture time measured precisely in bars. What this 
means is that the start of the loop and the downbeat of beat one are *not* 
necessarily the same. And Q-Replace operations will likely not be in good 
alignment with the clock pulse or other material slaved to that clock 

But, if one creates an empty loop, and then begins to overdub material 
into it, that material will be perfectly synched to the clock pulse, and 
to any other material playing to that clock pulse. This also means that 
starting and stopping  loop in this context is a bad idea; rather, one 
must drop that loop in and out using volume change commands instead of 
start and stop commands.

- - - -

Is this picture consistent with your own LP-1 MIDI Synch experiences?


Phil :)