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Re: LP1 in MIDI Sync Mode

Phil Clevenger wrote:
For Looperlative gurus:

I'm not experienced in midi syncing it yet, but this sounds like 
reasonable behaviour,

When synching LP-1 to external clock, I have been frustrated what I 
thought were synch issues.

But paying closer attention, I think it may be As Designed: In MIDI Sync/Rec mode, the start point of the new loop is precisely when the Rec button is pressed.

That's the default "most desireable option" for a looper... at least
many live loopers think it is.

I'd have to check, but I think that's how all hardware loopers work.

Musically, I guess it depends whether you think in terms of rigid barlines
that structure the music...common in sample based looping.

Another reason this happens is that midi clock is just a stream of
ticks without any info about bar lines.