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Re: Echoloop VST MIDI controller

Phil Clevenger wrote:

Plugin is set for 'HOST" sync but loops still seem to be all over the place.

While that kind of sync was once part of the vst spec it was never well
adopted by VST hosts.

In Bidule this allows you to sync anything to anything else in multiple
I don't think Ableton have it though, and as it's actually now deprecated
from the vst spec by good ol' Steinberg
(presumably because of lack of implememntation by vst hosts)

it's a shame, that's an incredibly useful feature thatjust takes a couple
of mouse clicks to set up (in Bidule)...we're not going to remove it
so I guess we should document better.

I'm afraid I'm really not an Ableton expert at all...I can
understand people's problems, it really seems bizarrely
overcomplicated and restrictive for the sort of stuff us guys do.