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moving to Berlin OT

A big question for the music business sharks:

I have been living near Geneva for the past few years, principally for 
health reasons. Now I am ready to move back into action preferably 
somewhere in Europe but am 
open to suggestions.

I need to be where there is an active music scene so I can create 
opportunity to give the best of what I have to offer and also make some 
money with my skills and 
tools. I have been considering Berlin because the scene there has a 
reputation and space is cheaper than other parts of Europe.

I am a poet, singer, composer, producer. My talents are one man band with 
looping and other beatbox- programmed - acoustic, electro acoustic and 
instruments... I play acoustic and electronic percussion, various analog 
and digital synths, chapman stick, NS Stick fully fretless, blues harp. I 
can really sing the 
blues and have a highly trained speaking and singing voice...

On the other hand I am a producer with a very high quality studio: 
Millenia Media preamps, DPA large diaphragm paired mics, Yamaha DM1000 
mixer, Studio Electronics 
Omega 8 analog synth, prophet 08 analog synth, several Moog pedals and 
other nice real analog filters, Nord modular G2X digital programmable 
synth, loads of congas, 
frame drums, various african drums and hand percussion instruments. Loads 
of guitar, bass, harmonica, big and small all tube preamps and amps. Last 
but not least 
some grat PMC TB1 mid range monitors...

I need space to set up in so I can rehearse, record in a good acoustic 
ambiance, produce other people.

I am open to a partnership, advice, suggestions, criticism, praise, 
worship, jokes, words of wisdom. Where is the best place to set up shop?

Antony Hequet