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Gigs/jams in the northern US?

Hey folks!

I realize this is all delightfully last minute, but let's see what can 
still be done...

Turns out I'm coming over to NYC on the 17th, and I'll be staying there 
for at least two weeks. After that my plan is to start heading west and 
playing wherever I can along the way. At the moment my main problem is an 
utter lack of contacts in cities along the way (NYC, Boston, Montreal, 
Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis ... and finally Vancouver, Seattle, 
Bay Area?) and so I'd be immensely grateful for any help or contacts.

As far as venues are concerned, I'm really very flexible. I can play 
pretty much anywhere with even a half-decent soundsystem, so anything from 
living rooms on up will do, as long as the audience has the right mindset. 
Jams and collaborations would be wonderful, too, obvs.

I've been called ambient on occasion, but the output kinda varies with the 
audience and venue. Improv is pretty much the only constant factor, I 
guess. And looping, obviously.

R. / Taphead