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OT: How to mix guitar/synth/drum machines? Guitar DI vs Amp?

You might very well be the first tube amp guitarist guy how openly recommends a digital modelling thingie because it's better in every way ;).

(me, I don't have a proper opinion on that myself - other that modelling things work for me. Then, I never played guitar through a real amp, and bass only occasionally through the TC Elliot in our rehearsal space back then. On the other hand, I do have a few analogue synths (which I won't replace with VSTis, but then again I also have far more digital synths which I won't replace with VSTis, so...)
I can offer some thoughts regarding guitar DI.

Have you considered trying a digital amp modeler? Decent units cost (new) from $200 (Digitech RP355) to $900+ (Avid Eleven Rack) and are designed to sound like a mic'd amp. Bonus: they also have FX. Great for recording; great for DI in any venue that provides a decent sound system...

I ditched my tube amps five years ago. The only things I've given up are amp volumes that can't be dialed down low enough for the room, unexpected (and costly) maintenance,
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