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Re: Graphic equalizer

An EQ pulls the frequencies it affects up or down by a finite amount - "down to zero" here being an infinite amount, which, speaking strictly theory, is not possible.

Are you sure you want a graphic EQ? If your goal is to suddenly cut out (and bring back) specific parts of the spectrum (e.g. all hi frequencies), then a freqency kill switch as found on DJ mixers might be the right choice. No recommendations from me here; if I wanted one, I always used the 3-band EQ in Ableton Live (example: this track's drums at around 5:00 - http://moinlabs.bandcamp.com/track/aspirin-age).

And for cutting all trebles, the other option might be a lowpass (which has no gain as a graphic EQ, rather cutoff as its parameter, which you'd turn to 22kHz or something for "no effect" and down for your intended effect).


Am 18.03.2012 14:37, schrieb Michael Peters:

I'm probably overseeing something obvious here. I put the simple Kjaerhus graphic equalizer in my signal path, but when I pull all frequencies down to zero, I still hear a signal. My hardware graphic equalizer in my home stereo does the same. This never occurred to me before for some reason. I would have expected the signal to be quiet, with all faders down to zero, but it isn't, so what exactly do I hear then?


Anyway, I'm looking for a free simple VST equalizer that I can use e.g. to dramatically cut all trebles - the Kjaerhus eq doesn't have the effect that I was looking for because the original signal is still in there. Or maybe there is some secret in here that I didn't find.