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Re: Graphic equalizer

Michael Peters wrote:
I'm probably overseeing something obvious here. I put the simple Kjaerhus graphic equalizer in my signal path, but when I pull all frequencies down to zero, I still hear a signal.

A graphic equalizer has peaking type filters which can boost cut to a certain amount. e.g. + - 12 dB.

So all faders down is something like dropping the overall volume by 12dB
(or whatever)

Anyway, I'm looking for a free simple VST equalizer that I can use e.g. to dramatically cut all trebles -

To cut all trebles you need a low pass filter rather than an EQ
A free one will sound just as good as an expensive one,
(unless you up resonance a lot).
If the filter curve isn't sharp enough, run two instances in series.

Almost every plugin uses the code from the "filter cookbook",
so mostly they sound the same.

What a free plugin probably won't do is mimic the slight/heavy distortion
of an analog circuit and that's where you might want to invest more...
but then I can't say I ever heard an emulator plugin that really sounded
like analog...not saying they don't sound *good* though.

Also, for dealing with high frequencies (rather than squashing them with lo-pass) a commercial plugin could have the edge you need.

If you're still using Bidule, the "Biquad Filter" in "Building Blocks"
will do it.  or Maybe the "crossover" filter, used in a suitable config if 
you want to
kill bands of frequency.
There's also a bidule "Moog VCF" lo-pass in "Effects"... another 
web-common algorithm...
might be good. (but no, won't sound like a Moogerfooger).