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Re: Graphic equalizer

I second Andy's approach. If you're using an environment which permits
you to build your own EQ (like Bidule or Pure Data), it's worth the
effort of designing an open system rather than relying on a VST.

On Sun, Mar 18, 2012 at 3:24 PM, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> 
> Michael Peters wrote:
>> I'm probably overseeing something obvious here. I put the simple 
>> Kjaerhus
>> graphic equalizer in my signal path, but when I pull all frequencies 
>> down to
>> zero, I still hear a signal.
> A graphic equalizer has peaking type filters which can boost cut to a
> certain amount. e.g. + - 12 dB.
> So all faders down is something like dropping the overall volume by 12dB
> (or whatever)
>> Anyway, I'm looking for a free simple VST equalizer that I can use e.g. 
>> to
>> dramatically cut all trebles -
> To cut all trebles you need a low pass filter rather than an EQ
> A free one will sound just as good as an expensive one,
> (unless you up resonance a lot).
> If the filter curve isn't sharp enough, run two instances in series.
> Almost every plugin uses the code from the "filter cookbook",
> so mostly they sound the same.
> What a free plugin probably won't do is mimic the slight/heavy distortion
> of an analog circuit and that's where you might want to invest more...
> but then I can't say I ever heard an emulator plugin that really sounded
> like analog...not saying they don't sound *good* though.
> Also, for dealing with high frequencies (rather than squashing them with
> lo-pass) a commercial plugin could have the edge you need.
> If you're still using Bidule, the "Biquad Filter" in "Building Blocks"
> will do it.  or Maybe the "crossover" filter, used in a suitable config 
> if
> you want to
> kill bands of frequency.
> There's also a bidule "Moog VCF" lo-pass in "Effects"... another 
> web-common
> algorithm...
> might be good. (but no, won't sound like a Moogerfooger).
> Andy