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Looping with the LP1

Hello to all!

Last Saturday I participated in a Spring Equinox live streaming event on electro-music.com. You can download the MP3 here:


My set utilizes the LP1 throughout -- both as a looper and as a super-stable clock source.

I played on my DIY modular synthesizer and I use the synthesizer's hardware to convert MIDI clock to analog triggers.

This set expresses some of my current musical interests.

The first is to build relatively long loops (loops > 15 seconds) that begin minimally -- with bloops and bleeps at at first appear to be random. However, the events are attached to specific beats that divde the long loop. As more events are added, a rhythmic "groove" emerges.

Another interest of mine is the use of non-traditional temperament. The second half of the track utilizes 14-tet tuning.

My direction with the synthesizer is to create an instrument that is a real-time compositional device with strong human interaction. As such, I really try to blur the line between the machine's functionality and my own "human interaction" with it.

For any fellow synth-geeks here, I utilized a couple of classic filter clones, too. The noise is filtered through a Steiner (Synthacon) Filter Clone and, during the second half, I utilize a EMS diode-ladder filter clone. Also in the second half, I utilize the Klee Sequencer.

Until I discovered the Loopers-delight community, my music was by-in-large composed and accomplished with multi-track recording.

I started to experiment with live-looping around 2007 and it began as a kind of adjunct to my music work. Since then, I've discovered that live-looping has taken me on an entirely different path different than what envisioned prior to 2007.

The LP1 has proven a nice instrument for me in no small part due to its excellent audio quality and its iron precision. I've really only scratched the surface of the LP1, though I've owned it for many years.

All the best to one and all!

-- Kevin